30 years dedicated
to the future

Press, the fourth estate

One of the longest-running traditions of EBS is the publication of the lecturers’ and students’ newsletter.

The EBS lecturers’ newsletter (“EBS Õppejõudude Infoleht”) started out in 1995 and was renamed the EBS newsletter (“EBS Infoleht”) at the turn of the century. Student matters were addressed in the student newsletter (“EKK Tudengileht”), first published in November 1995.

The student newsletter cost 1 Estonian kroon and was laid out on a single A3 sheet. Over the years, the newsletter’s format (to A4 and back to A3), name, volume and price changed repeatedly. For a brief period of time, the newsletter was even free of charge.

On at least one occasion, the newsletter was subjected to censorship. In 2004, a student under the pen name Mihkel Mikrofon wrote in the newsletter how the student government confiscated and disposed of hundreds of ready-printed newsletters of the March edition, due to a few photographs depicting a typical student drinking festival, which the student government disapproved. The editor-in-chief was dismissed.

During the years there have been many regularly issued publications at EBS, giving voice to both students as well as professors.

In 2011, the student newsletter was transformed, in both form and substance. The thin, black-and-white paper was replaced by the multicoloured, 36-page EBS Business Spirit which reflected upon the activities and viewpoints of both current and former students and lecturers. A total of 16 editions of the EBS Business Spirit were published between 2011 and 2012.

We have all noticed the global debate, in the last 15 or 20 years, over whether or not printed newspapers should cease to exist. With each passing year, the debate is gaining momentum. The EBS student newsletter has broken ground and will no longer publish hard copies of the newsletter. Student news are now available online – the Ebster allows gaining insight into student life as well as an overview of the school news and events.

In addition to students’ and lecturers’ newsletters, EBS has issued various publications over the years. These include the “EKK Toimetised” publication (later renamed “EBS Review”, currently published under the name of “Journal of Management and Change”), addressing economic, financial and education matters since 1995. For a brief period of time, the alumni newsletter (“Vilistlasleht”) was published, as well.