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Contacts are a valuable currency

Siim Lepisk, who graduated the EBS MBA programme in international business administration in 2011, believes that EBS serves as an accelerator of business ambitions.

Having experience as the innovation manager in SEB Bank, Lepisk finds that EBS provides all students with the opportunity to learn from the best how to create value to the clients and society in general. “The knowledge, skills and contacts provided allow to accomplish great things!”

By the way, “contacts” is a magic word, mentioned by all EBS graduates. Siim Lepisk says that the EBS Executive MBA (EMBA) and the MBA alumni network is powerful and allows to find an efficient solution to any business challenge. Lepisk advises all current EBS students to spend a lot of time with their schoolmates: “Solve complicated tasks together, change phone numbers and link yourselves in LinkedIn. Your schoolmates are bound to become your best colleagues or cooperation partners.”

The graduates of the MBA programme of 1996 signed a Do-Well-In-Life Agreement.

Lauri Past, a graduate of the EBS bachelor’s programme in 2006 and master’s programme in 2009, believes EBS’ greatest advantage to lie in networking, including close friends. Past, now a partner of the advisory firm PwC, adds that, as a pragmatic person, he likes the practical nature of EBS’ education, which provided a good start for the career in PwC. “I have a lot of experience in recruiting students straight out of university and I can assure that the practical nature of EBS’ education provides a strong foundation for entering the labour market.”

Priit Viru, a graduate of the EBS master’s programme in international business administration in 2010, serves as the CFO of the global web-advertising firm Adcash. Viru opted for EBS for a multitude of reasons, but mainly for EBS’ practical approach to business education, and internationality. Viru believes that EBS provides the necessary basics and knowledge which can be implemented by an enterprising individual in any area.

Most importantly, EBS provides the ambition to think big and operate on an international scale. “EBS has expanded my world view, provided me with an international social network and the understanding that you can make more progress without modesty. Education is important, but EBS provides more. I especially advise students to participate in the student exchange programme and study abroad – it is an experience you won’t regret!”

A perfect combination of lectures and social network

Nick Vocht, graduated from EBS with a double master’s degree in 2004, specialising in trade and economy (Rotterdam) and business administration (EBS), now serving as CEO of North Sea Lubricants B.V.

In 2002, a double degree could only be acquired in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Estonia. Estonia is most unconventional. Having acquainted myself with EBS, it seemed the most exciting choice.

EBS provided the perfectly balanced choice of professional lectures by both local and foreign lecturers. Lectures were given by people with experience in specific fields. This provided a lot more than the mere memorisation of the textbook material.

We also had a wide range of exciting social events. This is important for both the student life and future career, giving the understanding that a balanced life needs both a career and social life, rather than one or the other. EBS thus provides a perfect combination of professional lectures and social network.