30 years dedicated
to the future

The Star Wars! Triin Sillaots

What will EBS be like in 2028? Seven EBSters try to take a peek at the future and predict what life will look like in EBS in ten years.

Rector’s Office Manager Triin Sillaots

1. What kind of teaching methods will be used in EBS?
Learning by doing, learner-focused studies, simulation studies, virtual reality, gaming.

2. Which countries will have an EBS campus and why these exactly?
Finland (long-term good reputation), Ukraine (big market, the good reputation of Estonia), United Arab Emirates, more specifically Dubai (ah, why not).

3. What will be the official learning and working language in EBS?
It should still be bilingual, English-Estonian, Estonians all speak English and the foreigners speak Estonian.

4. What will be the three largest nationalities in EBS?
Ukraine, Georgia, Finland.

5. Who of the EBSters would be the president of a country and if so, which country?
Givi Kupatadze, Georgia.

Rector’s Office Manager Triin Sillaots

6. What will be the most popular course among prospective students and why?
Disaster Science and Management – why not, seems to be future-oriented.

7. Where and how will EBS celebrate its 40th birthday?
In Dubai, an Arabian-style party.

8. Which currency will tuition fees be paid in?
The official currency.

9. Will EBS employ a therapist?
Chances are, that even several.

10. What will EBS be famous for and why?
By its new campuses and innovative programmes, because others don’t dare.

11. Will EBS have childcare? Please provide reasons.
I’d rather not. Working from home should be the norm.

12. Will defending a Master’s thesis be necessary for a Master’s degree?
It will, writing skills should come with a university degree in the future as well.

13. What kind of new tradition will have emerged in EBS?
Electing the most outstanding student and professor/employee of the month and giving (due) recognition.

14. Will EBS have its first robotic student?
Too early.

15. What will students do to keep themselves awake during exam sessions?
Use the large variety of EBS sports facilities.