30 years dedicated
to the future

The Star Wars! Anu Tasanto

What will EBS be like in 2028? Seven EBSters try to take a peek at the future and predict what life will look like in EBS in ten years.

EBS Helsinki student Anu Tasanto

1. What teaching methods will EBS be using?
I must say, I really like the current methods – which include lots of group work and case studies – as these methods provide students with the best set of skills for later in their careers. However, I hope that these methods are kept up to date and combined with the most recent ones, which have benefited from the advent of new technology.

2. In which countries does EBS have a campus and why those countries in particular?
In addition to Estonia and Finland, I would like to see the next ones in Sweden and Latvia. A campus in Stockholm, Sweden, would also be an excellent opportunity, businesswise, for EBS to be closer to Scandinavia. Riga, Latvia, is a natural choice because of the Baltic Republics.

3. What is the official working and learning language at EBS?
English. I don’t see any change taking place here within the next ten years, but I do hope that there will be additional language options. Perhaps some of the courses could held be in Chinese or Russian? That would attract more foreign students.

4. Which are the TOP3 nationalities studying at EBS?
Estonian, Finnish and Swedish or Latvian, depending on the location of the third campus.

5. Is it possible that an EBS alum could become president, and of which country?
Of course! I’d be disappointed if that never happened, ha ha. But that doesn’t have to take ten years, it can happen anytime, I think. The countries where it is most likely to happen are, naturally, Estonia and Finland; as far as I know, you must be a natural born citizen or at least then you’re more likely to be elected.

EBS Helsinki student Anu Tasanto.

6. What is the most popular curriculum among entrants and why?
A curriculum that does not yet exist. As I wrote in my response to question 10, EBS is known for being up to date and able to react to changing demands. Business life is developing and changing all the time, and in order to succeed the school must be able to offer relevant curriculums.

If we look back ten years, what did we really know about social media or digital marketing? Not much, really, and now they are everywhere, with new applications coming and going all the time. What is the next big thing going to be? I think the usage of AR and VR as a marketing and sales tool will increase, and knowledge on how to use them successfully would offer a huge advantage in future business life.

7. Where and how is EBS celebrating its 40th Anniversary?
On Mars? Well, isn’t space travelling already a bit old fashioned, before it even got started, and isn’t it also be very bad for the climate and the environment? I have a better and more sustainable idea! In terms of physical location, the gala can be held anywhere; however, as the usage of augmented reality and virtual reality is increasing rapidly, and the technology is evolving all the time, perhaps the guests could celebrate it in their own home towns, yet still be together? Or there could be three different parties held at the three separate campuses, but they are all magically connected together via AR and VR!

8. In what currency is the tuition being paid?
I strongly believe that the EU and the euro will still be around ten years from now, although different cryptocurrencies may be more common and in common use alongside the euro. Bitcoin is, I guess, already kind of “old news”, but there are new ones coming all the time!

9. Is there a therapist employed at EBS?
I really hope so. Going to a therapist is still perceived as a taboo or something that most of us don’t feel comfortable speaking about out loud. However, I think that taking care of your mental health is sometimes even more important than exercising physically. We are constantly being reminded of how we should exercise regularly, in order to stay fit, but we should also take care of our mental health. If the service was easily accessible, people would use it more often, and the more people using it, the less “weird” it would be. I would even argue that seeing a therapist should be mandatory, because only then could you understand yourself better, know your strengths and weaknesses, and strive for better results in every segment of your life!

10. What is EBS famous for and why?
In ten years EBS will be known as a forerunner, one that is able to react to the changing world around us. It offers relevant curriculums that are not only up to date but already one step ahead, ready to react to the demands of the future. Graduates enjoy outstanding careers, both in Estonia and Finland, especially as entrepreneurs and pioneers in new sectors such as artificial intelligence, VR and their usage in businesses.

11. Does EBS offer childcare? Please explain your answer.
At least in the case of Finland, it is becoming more and more common to resume one’s studies at a later age, because work life is no longer the same as it once was and you might need or want to change your field of occupation. This would probably create the demand for childcare in universities and institutions, but what I think is more relevant is to offer flexible opportunities for studying, where you can arrange your life the way you like it. If your child gets sick, the childcare alone won’t save you, but a flexible system, in which different and rapidly changing situations are taken into account (meaning, e.g. you can postpone some of your deadlines or exams), might ease your pain when life happens. Of course, there have to be some limitations, to make sure that people are able to move forward with their studies; however, the most efficient way to get them motivated is to give them some space and let them focus on the things that matter the most, in this case their children.

12. Does one have to defend their Master’s thesis in order to receive a Master’s level degree?
Definitely yes. I think defending your thesis shows that you are a professional in your chosen field.

13. What new tradition has developed at EBS?
I am responsible for having given life to some of the traditions at EBS, but why is it so hard to come up with ideas? I don’t think traditions can be generated intentionally; instead, they are things that you just realize have become traditions at some point along the way.

14. Is the first robot student studying at EBS?
Hmm… I don’t see a robot as a student, but somehow as a part of our everyday lives for sure! Maybe they could assist us with scheduling, motivate us or perform some of the administrative tasks? I could have use for a robot friend, one that tells me when to study and when to exercise! Or when to rest and sleep… I wish that they already existed in our everyday lives.

15. What do students do to keep themselves invigorated during finals?
I think staying invigorated comes from holistic wellbeing, including eating the right food, exercising and mental health. When these three things are in order, it is easier to maintain focus while under pressure and keeping a busy schedule, and no need for extra help is needed. However, maybe the school or student council could help students to maintain their healthy lifestyle by offering chances to practice these things together! Meaning healthy snacks, sporting events, etc.! And robots!