30 years dedicated
to the future

The Star Wars! Aet Toots

What will EBS be like in 2028? Seven EBSters try to take a peek at the future and predict what life will look like in EBS in ten years.

EBS Professor Aet Toots

1. What kind of teaching methods will be used in EBS?
All kinds of technology-based forms that are combined with get-together discussions, presentations, and role-playing. I think that regardless of extraordinary technological developments people as social beings will still retain the necessity for direct communications, both in working life as well as in learning.

2. Which countries will have an EBS campus and why these exactly?
In addition to Estonia and Finland also in Sweden or some islands. Why? By that time EBS professors will have spent so much time at sea between Tallinn and Helsinki. It must be ensured that, in the future, there will remain the possibility of rolling at the sea even if the tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki is opened.

3. What will be the official learning and working language in EBS?
Probably English – it’s been moving in that direction anyway.

4. What will be the three largest nationalities in EBS?
In an international world distinguishing between nations will become increasingly difficult and such statistics can no longer be produced. However, a new “nation” will emerge – robots / artificial intelligence.

5. Who of the EBSters would be the president of a country and if so, which country?
One of the first classes of EBS graduates will be the president of Estonia. The graduates of first classes must, after all, be the first to fly high.

EBS Professor Aet Toots.

6. What will be the most popular course among prospective students and why?
Something to do with finances. History has shown that the financial sphere holds interesting challenges regardless of in which form “money” as a unit of account and a medium of exchange exists. Maybe by that time, we’ll all be making our transactions in digital money.

7. Where and how will EBS celebrate its 40th birthday?
As a festive sea voyage on a ship bound between Estonia and Finland.

8. Which currency will tuition fees be paid in?
In cryptocurrency, perhaps.

9. Will EBS employ a therapist?
Should it? In that case, there should also be a dentist, hairdresser, lawyer, notary… I don’t believe universities will hold such offices on site.

10. What will EBS be famous for and why?
For being a university owning the largest number of overseas campuses amongst all the Estonian universities.

11. Will EBS have childcare? Please provide reasons.
Yes, why not. It will offer flexibility for students and employees with small children, whether they be parents or already grandparents.

12. Will defending a Master’s thesis be necessary for a Master’s degree?
Not necessarily in its traditional form. Perhaps as a project or a practically relevant and innovative application of something.

13. What kind of new tradition will have emerged in EBS?
Current traditions expand geographically, for example, the employees’ spring picnic takes place at different EBS branches. In Estonia, Finland and elsewhere where there are branches by that time.

14. Will EBS have its first robotic student?
By that time it would not have to be the first but there would already be several.

15. What will students do to keep themselves awake during exam sessions?
Human students program robot students so that the latter could think up a more effective stimulation system for them. And robots themselves will not need stimulating …