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The desirable Golden Haba

The award first given in 1999 on the initiative of the EBS student representation – the Golden Haba – has become the most desirable recognition for EBSians.

The Golden Haba is derived from the name of Madis Habakuk and is awarded by EBS to its most excellent staff members, lecturers, students and graduates.

The Golden Haba is awarded in different categories – best lecturer, best act, student’s friend, colleague of the year, etc. However, genius of the year, most stylish lecturer, most beautiful girl and party animal categories are covered, as well. Two people have received the award for their life’s work: professor Madis Habakuk in 2007 and lecturer Viljo Kallas in 2018.

The traditional Golden Haba Gala takes place in April, with the participation of hundreds of EBSians: students, graduates, lecturers, staff members as well as Erasmus students and EBS partners.

The Golden Haba Gala 2018 was held in Swissôtel Tallinn to recognise the most excellent EBSians of the last year, in 12 categories. For the first time, the HEBSian of the year title was awarded to the most excellent student of EBS Helsinki.

The Golden Haba was not awarded in 2000-2006 and 2013-2014, as the student representation lacked enthusiastic leaders. The tradition was revived in 2007 and is upheld to this day.

In addition to the Golden Haba, EBS has awarded other honorary titles. The best lecturer award is a continual tradition since the academic year 1992/1993. Throughout the years, best lecturers have been elected based on student feedback and research results. The EBS Best Act award, a tradition since 2006, acknowledges the activities of the sub-units of the EBS Group.