30 years dedicated
to the future

Alumni – a guarantee to the school ‘s success

The well-being of our graduates – and their consequent contribution to the success of the school and society in general – is the top priority of Madis Habakuk’s EBS creed.

The success of our students, alumni and their employers comes first in our order of priorities. We strive towards an ever-growing number of our alumni reaching the top, without any of our graduates left unemployed.

Rector Arno Almann makes a note of the last words of the creed and adds further to Madis Habakuk’s message. “An important criterion for choosing a university is the prospect of a good job. In Southern Estonia, the trend is dismal, with a large percentage of university graduates unable to find a job. These trends are prevalent in many specialties in Estonia: we award a diploma but the graduates fail to find a job in the chosen specialty. It is a complete waste of time and material resources. EBS assures all students opting for EBS that they will find a job after graduation. It is our guarantee,” says Almann.

In 30 years, EBS has accumulated nearly 5000 alumni.

Estonia’s first private university has nearly 5,000 graduates, all of them with the ability to find a decent job or create jobs for themselves and others. EBS has carried out surveys and concluded that a third of the EBS alumni serve as top managers. Approximately a half of the alumni serve international companies, and nearly one-fifth have established their own business.

Karita Sall, CEO and partner of communication bureau JLP, who graduated from the EBS master’s programme in marketing and communication in 2007, points out that it was EBS that gave her the courage to engage in business and not be afraid of failure. Furthermore, the studies gave a deep insight into business and how the different pieces fit into a larger picture.