30 years dedicated
to the future


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The story of the birth of EBS, or how Estonia’s first private school got its start

Professor senses a business opportunity

Two Estonians and an American

Importer of modern business education

The First Course Begins

The success of the first flight gave impetus to those that followed

Proper profit and a good reputation

First bachelor’s students begin

No money, crisis in the house

EBS moves out of its home

The organiser of courses becomes a university

Business education for residents of Saaremaa

Who decides? Madis decides!

University license in hand!

Reality exceeded expectations

Money, money, money…

Development of curricula – work which is never completed

A long road to a research university

The complicated gauntlet of external evaluation

Student companies – the sandbox of entrepreneurship

An Education Group is born

EBS Management Training Centre

EBS Upper Secondary School

Think on a global scale!

Estonia – a true wildland

Arrival of the first foreign students

Via Erasmus to Europe

Study and work in a global village

China and India, here we come!

A quick flirt with the Hindu

Education fitting for the international labour market

Estonians start teaching business to Finns

Focus close to Estonia

EBS – it’s a community

Who can become a student of EBS?

Barely a graduate, already a CEO!

A friendly and welcoming employer

Alumni – a guarantee to the school ‘s success

Alumni operate on a global scale

Contacts are a valuable currency

Unbreakable bond with the university

The spirit of EBS is rooted in traditions

Long-standing traditions

Several organisers, one goal

Press, the fourth estate

Harmony on stage and backstage

Alumni – creating traditions

The desirable Golden Haba

The Star Wars! Mart Habakuk

The Star Wars! Aet Toots

The Star Wars! Anu Tasanto

The Star Wars! Katharina Binder

The Star Wars! Triin Sillaots

The Star Wars! Ken Põldis

The Star Wars! Tiit Orloff

EBS Alumni

EBS Honour Board